Greetings and Welcome!

I've been photographing Wyoming and all of its wild residents for my entire 38 year career, and it never gets old or tiring. If the good Lord gave me several lifetimes I could not accomplish all that I dream of or visit all of the places in this state I've called home for 57 years.

I have two websites currently that showcase my work at and There you will see galleries of landscape images, Wyoming's wildlife and wildflowers and special galleries of my favorite place, Yellowstone National Park and my favorite large mammal, Bison Bison or the buffalo as many call them. There is a special gallery dedicated to this fascinating creature and I've even made a special tribute print called 'Tatanka and the Iron Horse - the Decimations Haunting Specter' remembering the near extinction of this most significant symbol of the west. My intrigue for this wonderful animal will continue for as long as I can make trips to photograph them.

You can read all about my work, my career and individual pictures by visiting the website, but here I will share with you special places that have particular interest to me, see how I travel and shoot my images, read about some of my past and present experiences, meet friends that have shared special times with me, hear my ramblings about equipment, and hopefully respond to some of your comments.

Well, that is enough of an introduction. Welcome to my world - Images of Wyoming.


Monday, January 26, 2009

New Photo Additions to the Website

Greetings. Finally we got some much needed snow. There is now between 10 and 14 inches of the fluffy stuff covering everything around our home. It is gorgeous to see and makes me long for the times in Yellowstone when the snow covers the Park.

I've been tucked away for the last day and a half mostly working on the web site. I'll probably be snowed in for another day or two, especially if the wind picks up at all. This has afforded me the opportunity to get caught up on the tedious job of updating the website with new images. This is why you are getting this new post. I've added 60 new images in the New Additions section, but have tried to categorize them for a little cleaner navigation. You will see categories like Wildlife, Northwest Wyoming, Fall Colors, Winter Scenes, Yellowstone, Sunsets/Sunrise Scenics and so forth. It has been several months since I've added new content so these pictures will span time frames back to last Spring.

Enjoy the new images, but don't forget that I have many new large panoramas that I've added to my collection of over 130 panorama prints. Still haven't figured out how to display them on a website, so if you have any interest at all in these very special images, send me an email and I'll be happy to share some thumbnail images with you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dreamin' of New Trips

The holidays are over and now I've got the fever once again. I'm spending some of my waking and sleeping hours thinking of being out in the field. I really want to do a winter trip again, but the hurricane force winter winds have prevented me from getting too serious just yet. I'm thinking of February or March this year and Yellowstone would certainly be at the top of my list for favorite spots.

I'vc continued to sell large panorama prints and they are certainly a favorite format of mine. My commercial clients and private collectors are purchasing and inspite of the nationwide economic downturn, the Lord has continued to bless me. Sales are good and I have some new ideas for the upcoming year about places to show and market my work.

In addition to these things that have been keeping me busy, I've got something really special planned for all of you who visit my blog and the news page on my website. I took a leap to make a purchase of something I've been needing for awhile and will incorporate this new addition to my stable of business equipment to give you something I think you will enjoy. It will allow me to share experiences from my photographic past with you in a truly unique way. I've still got a few details to work out, but it is a sure thing now - just need a little more time to get it all put together.

One of the topics will be Grizzly Bears and the time I was able to spend with my friend Larry Roop, trapping these magnificent creatures. Did you know that nearly 30 years ago I was asked to shoot pictures for a National Geographic article on bear trapping? There's a hint, but that is all you get for now.

The image enclosed is from my last trip this past fall. My wife captured this image of me loaded with a tripod and camera picking my way through a lot of underbrush to get to a location where I made a large panorama of Battle Mountain. It was one of those especially warm fall days that I love so much. Good memories!

Well keep tuned in for big changes and additions. If you have not signed up for automatic notification of new blog posts, now would be a great time to do so. It is quite painless. Just click on the email notification link on the left and you will get a brief notification anytime a new post is added to this blog. You will get no spam or other email from me. That way you don't have to keep checking back continuously.