Greetings and Welcome!

I've been photographing Wyoming and all of its wild residents for my entire 38 year career, and it never gets old or tiring. If the good Lord gave me several lifetimes I could not accomplish all that I dream of or visit all of the places in this state I've called home for 57 years.

I have two websites currently that showcase my work at and There you will see galleries of landscape images, Wyoming's wildlife and wildflowers and special galleries of my favorite place, Yellowstone National Park and my favorite large mammal, Bison Bison or the buffalo as many call them. There is a special gallery dedicated to this fascinating creature and I've even made a special tribute print called 'Tatanka and the Iron Horse - the Decimations Haunting Specter' remembering the near extinction of this most significant symbol of the west. My intrigue for this wonderful animal will continue for as long as I can make trips to photograph them.

You can read all about my work, my career and individual pictures by visiting the website, but here I will share with you special places that have particular interest to me, see how I travel and shoot my images, read about some of my past and present experiences, meet friends that have shared special times with me, hear my ramblings about equipment, and hopefully respond to some of your comments.

Well, that is enough of an introduction. Welcome to my world - Images of Wyoming.


Friday, December 5, 2008

I Haven't Forgotten

It is now December 4th and I realize I haven't made any posts to the blog in a month. Wow! how time flies. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving and now we are staring Christmas straight in the face. Oftentimes the holidays are just a blur and not until after New Years do I really start thinking of making new images. It is my hope to make yet another winter expedition. The last two have been very productive and are most anticipated in the middle of long winter hiatus'.

I've been spending a lot of time marketing images and selling in the gallery. It was a good year for large panorama sales, but like the rest of the country, the fear of an unstable economy has taken its toll on sales. Still, I have some returning customers and clients that have kept me in the black. I appreciate each and everyone of you. And I'm anxious to show you my newest work from the fall season. I think some of the new panorama images are my best work to date. When I make some space at the gallery, I'm anxious to get a few printed and displayed.

I'm spending the day at the computer and it is a good thing to get caught up on some of the things I normally let slide. Why? well I'm snowed in. We got about 8" of the powdery stuff in the last two days, but true to the weather forecast we now have blizzard conditions from winds howling in the 50 mph range. I can't do anything but watch the spectacle and wait until I can get on the tractor and start plowing and moving snow from the roadway. It will be an all day ordeal when I can get started, but that is OK. I'd certainly rather live in the country and have to take care of these things than live in the city.

I'm having a cup of hot coffee, printing some images and making excuses for not attending to my blog as I should have. I hope you are all safe and warm. Enjoy the holiday season and God bless each one of you. Dreaming of some new images yet to be made. Jerry