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I've been photographing Wyoming and all of its wild residents for my entire 38 year career, and it never gets old or tiring. If the good Lord gave me several lifetimes I could not accomplish all that I dream of or visit all of the places in this state I've called home for 57 years.

I have two websites currently that showcase my work at and There you will see galleries of landscape images, Wyoming's wildlife and wildflowers and special galleries of my favorite place, Yellowstone National Park and my favorite large mammal, Bison Bison or the buffalo as many call them. There is a special gallery dedicated to this fascinating creature and I've even made a special tribute print called 'Tatanka and the Iron Horse - the Decimations Haunting Specter' remembering the near extinction of this most significant symbol of the west. My intrigue for this wonderful animal will continue for as long as I can make trips to photograph them.

You can read all about my work, my career and individual pictures by visiting the website, but here I will share with you special places that have particular interest to me, see how I travel and shoot my images, read about some of my past and present experiences, meet friends that have shared special times with me, hear my ramblings about equipment, and hopefully respond to some of your comments.

Well, that is enough of an introduction. Welcome to my world - Images of Wyoming.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grizzly Bear Stories on Their Way

I told you I had a big surprise for you and I should have a special post coming to you very shortly. Here's what you can expect. In my biography and other stories about my beginnings and experiences as a photographer, I told you that I was able to photograph my best friend and a Grizzly Bear Biologist, Larry Roop having spent more than 2 and half years in the field with him. We had many wonderful experiences in those years and now I'm putting those stories in an audio format for you to hear.

This is going to be an incredible experience for you and I hope you wait anxiously for each installment. I think there will be many to come. I purchased a digital recorder just for the purpose of getting these stories recorded. Each is told by Larry himself. Rarely in one's lifetime would you the opportunity to sit and listen to these stories in person. Some will be funny, some will be frightening and a few absolutely horrifying. These are very dangerous animals and should you come to Wyoming and take your pictures, you are likely to find yourself in parts of the state where these animals live. I want these postings to be a valuable resource for anyone that spends time in our wild outdoors. I've had many close encounters and the season is coming when I will be out in wild places once again. You can never be too cautious when working in Grizzly Bear country.

These are not hearsay stories but come from a true expert in the field of wildlife biology with a special knowledge of bears. Larry and I continue to be best friends and still after a 39 year relationship, take pictures together and reminisce about the years when bears were such a major part of our lives and careers. Along with the audio recordings, I will share some of the images I made on those many trips, and Larry has agreed to allow me to use some of his pictures. What a treat!

I've made 10 recordings to date so they are on the computer, but I'm just working out the details for you to play them without a hitch. We will be doing more stories when we get together for our midwinter trip to the Park coming in just a few weeks.

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